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101 See CIC, c. 1031 §3. 102 “The introduction of the title ‘Reverend Mr.’ for permanent deacons could further complicate the issue of identity for deacons. The term ‘Reverend’ has traditionally been associated with priests and used only for transitional deacons on their way to priesthood. As there is great sensitivity surrounding the issue of a deacon being seen as a ‘mini priest,’ it would seem that the title ‘Reverend Mr.’ would lead to continued identification of the diaconate with the priesthood, rather than contributing to the independence and integrity of the Order of Deacon in itself. The title ‘Deacon’ would, of course, be appropriate.” Congregation for Catholic Education and the Congregation for the Clergy, Joint Study of the US Draft Document–The National Directory for the Formation, Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States , Prot. No. 78/2000 (March 4, 2002). 103 CIC, c. 288. 104 CIC, c. 276 §2 3°. 105 DMLPD, no. 13. See CIC, cc. 285 §3, 288.The rationale is that the identity of a political candidate becomes well known, and any investigation regarding background or reputation of the deacon should be the responsibility of ecclesial authorities so as to avoid any undue or unwarranted publicity in the public media. In making his determination to grant written permission, the bishop should investigate the background of the deacon, including his many social relationships (e.g., memberships in clubs, organizations) so that nothing would become an embarrassment to the Church.The bishop should investigate the credit rating of the deacon so that there is no question of unreasonable indebtedness. He also should be concerned about fundraising that the deacon, as a political candidate, will have to initiate, as well as improper reflections that might occur by associating the deacon, as a political candidate, with a particular party and its platform. 106 See CIC, c. 283 §1. 107 DMLPD, no. 41. See also no. 40. 108 CIC, c. 281 §3. 109 DMLPD, no. 15; see CIC, cc. 281, 1274. 110 DMLPD, no. 16. 111 DMLPD, no. 20. Possible examples include videos for baptismal preparation programs, handouts, refreshments for required gatherings, and distinctive clerical garb. It also could include reimbursement for the personal use of and gasoline for his car in ministry, using IRS mileage standards and records. Note that these are only examples; diocesan policies determine parameters and policies that address the particular reimbursements for deacons. 112 CIC, c. 276 §2 4°.

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