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More recently, Pope Francis, in his apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia , outlines additional aspects of accompanying couples through the challenges of married life. 55 In light of all of the above resources, those responsible for formation need to do the following: a. “Keep up-to-date with family changes and trends in the nation and in their locale, and then examine their policies, programs, minis tries, and service in light of this information.” b. “Be sensitive to the fact that many kinds of families participate” in the various church programs in which deacons minister. c. “Be sensitive to the special needs families experience and the pressures and stress these needs create. Leaders need to help families identify these pressures, and in partnership help families deal with them.” d. “Be sensitive, in planning, to the time and energy commitments of families where both parents—or the only parent—are employed.” e. “Be sensitive to the economic pressures families experience today.” f. “Understand that all programs affect families, even programs aimed at individuals. All social institutions, including the Church, make a direct or indirect impact on the unity, well-being, health, and sta bility of families. There is a tendency to replace family responsi bilities, in part or in their entirety, by social institutions or to mar ginalize families’ participation in the various programs and services provided by these institutions because these services are designed primarily for individuals.” g. “Help families manage their coordinating and mediating responsi bility, rather than complicate it. For example, parish leaders often tell family members that their participation in parish programs is imperative. But families need to be active participants in deter mining parish priorities, and they have a responsibility to deter mine their participation . . . based on a realistic assessment of their energy, family time, and resources.” h. Recognize that “what the Church does and how it does it [together] affect the unity, well-being, health, and stability of families. Church leaders need to be more aware of how the Church’s policies, pro grams, ministries, and services can either help or hinder families in

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