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studies. This process should lead him to a lifelong effort in reflecting on his ministry in the light of faith. III. Additional Considerations 143. Attention should be given to the following topics, which represent a value central to the life of the Catholic Church in the United States of America and, therefore, in the formation, ministry, and life of deacons. 144. A family life perspective is rooted in the challenge of St. John Paul II as stated in Familiaris Consortio : “No plan for organized pastoral work, at any level, must ever fail to take into consideration the pastoral care of the family.” 52 Refocusing one’s thinking from an individual-centered approach to a family-centered approach represents an important com ponent in organizing diaconal formation, ministry, and life. 145. To assist the director of formation and the Director of the Permanent Diaconate in complying with this injunction while preparing and implementing a diocesan plan, organization, and schedule for the for mation, ministry, and life of deacons, A Family Perspective in Church and Society, published by the USCCB Committee on Marriage and Family, will prove useful. 53 In reflecting upon the experience of the Synod of Bishops convoked in 1980 by St. John Paul II on the topic of family life in the modern world, as well as his 1981 apostolic exhortation On the Family ( Familiaris Consortio ), the committee authored this document with the intent “to elicit continuing pastoral action in support of family life.”The entire document needs to be read, studied, and reflected upon “so that the concept of a family perspective will have practical implica tions” in the formation, ministry, and life of deacons. 54 A Family Life Perspective Introduction

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