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the deacon, as these have been discerned in his previous experience and the course of his formation. (44) 3. When the permanent diaconate is being newly implemented in a diocese, a catechetical introduction to the diaconate should be given to the priests, religious, and laity. (45, 57) 4. Deacon assignments ought to provide ample opportunities for an integrated exercise of the threefold diaconal ministry: word, liturgy, and charity. (46) 5. A program for newly ordained deacons during the first five years of their ministry is to be coordinated and supervised by the Director of the Permanent Diaconate. (48) Under the diocesan bishop’s authority, periodic meetings should be arranged between priests, deacons, religious, and laity involved in pastoral work “to avoid compartmentalization or the development of isolated groups and to guarantee coordinated unity for different pastoral activities in the diocese.”105 The ongoing formation continues throughout the deacon’s earthly life. (48) 6. The deacon must give priority to the spiritual life. As a minister of the liturgy, the deacon confirms his identity as servant of the Body of Christ. (68, 88) 7. The vocation to the permanent diaconate presupposes the stability and permanency of the order. Hence, the ordination of a permanent deacon to the priesthood is always a rare exception, and it must be done in consultation with the Congregation for the Clergy. (83) 8. Deacons have the faculty to preach everywhere, in accordance with the conditions established by canon law. (86) 9. Deacons are obliged to submit to their local ordinary for permis sion to publish any written materials concerning faith and morals. The permission of the local ordinary is required before writings are submitted to newspapers, magazines, or periodicals. Deacons are required to adhere to the norms established by the USCCB when participating in radio or television broadcasts, and to diocesan policies when participating in public media and the Internet. (87) 10. The minimum age for ordination to the permanent diaconate is thirty-five. The establishment of a maximum age of ordination is at the discretion of the diocesan bishop, keeping in mind both

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