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deacon is an ordained cleric, the diocesan bishop may not ordinarily forbid a visiting permanent deacon the exercise of his order, provided that the deacon is in good standing and with due regard for the provi sions of particular law.

Bi-Ritual Permanent Deacons

110. When a permanent deacon of an Eastern Catholic Church sui iuris is granted bi-ritual faculties to assist in the Latin Church, he may witness marriages with the proper delegation. If one of the parties to be married, however, is ascribed to an Eastern Catholic Church sui iuris , for validity only a properly delegated priest may solemnize the marriage by giving the priestly blessing. When a permanent deacon of the Latin Church is granted bi-ritual faculties to assist in an Eastern Catholic Church sui iuris , his exercise of the granted faculties is to be in accord with the prescriptions of the respective Eastern Catholic Church sui iuris. 111. Norms should be established in each diocese regarding the age, health, and other matters that need to be considered regarding a deacon’s resignation from a ministerial office or his retirement from ministerial duties. Norms (The number[s] found in parentheses after each norm refer[s] to the appropriate paragraph[s] in this Directory .) 1. It is incumbent on the diocesan bishop to provide for the pasto ral care of deacons of the diocese. This is discharged personally and through the Director of the Permanent Diaconate, who must always be a cleric. (43) 2. The principal criteria for the assignment of a deacon are the pasto ral needs of the diocesan Church and the personal qualifications of Resignation and Retirement

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