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satisfy the legal requirements for Social Security benefits or a compa rable program. 109


102. Permanent deacons in full-time employment by the diocese, parish, or agency are to receive remuneration commensurate with the salaries and benefits provided to the lay men and women on staff for that par ticular occupation. 110 103. In accordance with diocesan policy, permanent deacons in full-time secular employment, as well as those in part-time ministries, are to be reimbursed for legitimate expenses incurred in their ministry. 111 104. Deacons are entitled to a period of time each year for continuing education and spiritual retreat. 112 Norms should be established in each diocese regard ing the suitable length of time for these activities and the manner in which the deacon shall receive financial assistance for his expenses either from the diocese, from the current place of ministerial service, or from a combina tion of sources.The responsibility for covering ongoing formation expenses should be treated similarly for all clerics in pastoral ministry in the diocese. 105. The diocesan bishop is to determine the financial assistance, if any, that is to be provided to inquirers, as well as to those enrolled in the aspirant stage of diaconal formation. For those admitted into the can didate stage of formation for the diaconate, some financial assistance, at least partial, should be provided for educational needs (e.g., tuition, books, tapes) and for mandatory aspects of formation (e.g., required Continuing Formation and Spiritual Retreat Financial Assistance to Those in Formation

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