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deacon may not actively and publicly participate in another’s political campaign without the prior written permission of the diocesan bishop.

Temporary Absence from an Assignment

97. Deacons may temporarily absent themselves from their place of assign ment only with the permission of their proper pastor and/or supervi sor. Absences of more than thirty days’ duration must be approved by the proper local ordinary. 106

Letter of Appointment

98. A deacon shall receive a letter of appointment from his diocesan bishop, which includes the designation of his immediate pastor and/ or supervisor. 99. The diocesan bishop may assign a deacon to assist a pastor entrusted with the pastoral care of one or several parishes. 107 100. Permanent deacons are to take care of their own and their family’s financial needs (e.g., housing, health insurance, retirement) using income derived from their full-time employment by the diocese, par ish, or secular profession. 108 In an individual situation of need, the diocesan Church is to see that the deacon and his family do not lack the basic necessities of life. Support of the Clergy

Social Security Insurance

101. To provide for their own upkeep, every permanent deacon should

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