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is at the discretion of the diocesan bishop, keeping in mind the particular needs and expectations of the diocese regarding diaconal ministry and life.

Clerical Title

93. Although various forms of address have emerged with regard to dea cons, the Congregation for the Clergy has determined that in all forms of address for permanent deacons, the appropriate title is “Deacon.” 102

Clerical Attire

94. The Code of Canon Law does not oblige permanent deacons to wear an ecclesiastical garb. 103 Further, because they are prominent and active in secular professions and society, the USCCB specifies that perma nent deacons should resemble the lay faithful in dress and matters of lifestyle. Each diocesan bishop should, however, determine and pro mulgate any exceptions to this law, as well as specify the appropriate clerical attire if it is to be worn.

Liturgy of the Hours

95. Permanent deacons in the United States of America are required to include as part of their daily prayer those parts of the Liturgy of the Hours known as Morning and Evening Prayer. 104 Permanent deacons are obliged to pray for the universal Church. Whenever possible, they should lead these prayers with the community to whom they have been assigned to minister.

Participation in Political Office

96. A deacon may not present his name for election to any public office or in any other general election, or accept a nomination or an appointment to public office, without the prior written permission of the diocesan bishop. 105 A

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