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The Church’s Ministry of Liturgy

88. As an ordained participant in the Church’s ministry of Liturgy, the deacon confirms his identity as servant of the Body of Christ. In the celebration of the sacraments, whether he serves as a presider or assists the presider, “let him remember that, when lived with faith and rev erence, these actions of the Church contribute much to growth in the spiritual life and to the increase of the Christian community.” 92 89. Deacons, in communion with the diocesan bishop and priests, serve in the sanctification of the Christian community. “In the Eucharistic Sacrifice, the deacon does not celebrate the mystery: rather, he effectively represents on the one hand, the people of God and, specifically, helps them to unite their lives to the offering of Christ; while on the other, in the name of Christ himself, he helps the Church to participate in the fruits of that sacrifice.” 93 While exercising his liturgical ministries, “the deacon is to observe faithfully the rubrics of the liturgical books without adding, omitting or changing of his own volition what they require. . . . For the Sacred Liturgy they should vest worthily and with dignity, in accordance with the prescribed liturgical norms. The dalmatic, in its appropriate liturgical colors, together with the alb, cincture and stole, ‘constitutes the liturgical dress proper to deacons.’” 94 Specific liturgical functions of the deacon in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church are contained in chapter one of this National Directory . 90. As an ordained participant in the Church’s ministry of charity, the deacon assumes the duties entrusted to him by his diocesan bishop with humility and enthusiasm. At the core of his spirituality, a deacon puts on Christ and is guided by the love of Christ in caring for all in his charge: “Charity is the very soul of ecclesial communion.” 95 This char ity is universal, and the deacon looks to human need in its broadest The Church’s Ministry of Charity

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