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The Church’s Ministry of the Word

85. As a participant in the Church’s ministry of the word, the deacon heeds the charge given him at ordination: “Receive the Gospel of Christ, whose herald you now are. Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach.” 82 The deacon must always remain a student of God’s Word, for only when the Word is deeply rooted in his own life can he bring that Word to others. 83 The dea con ought to remember that his actions and public pronouncements involve the Church and its Magisterium. Therefore, he is obligated to cherish the communion and mission that bind him to the Holy Father and his own diocesan bishop, especially in his preaching of Scripture, the Creed, Catholic teachings, and the disciplines of the Church. 84 86. Deacons are ordained “to proclaim the Gospel and preach the Word of God.” 85 They “have the faculty to preach everywhere, in accordance with the conditions established by [canon law].” 86 “Deacons should be trained carefully to prepare their homilies in prayer, in study of the sacred texts, in perfect harmony with the Magisterium and in keeping with the [age, culture, and abilities] of those to whom they preach.” 87 Further, “by their conduct . . . by transmitting Christian doctrine and by devoting attention to the problems of our time . . . [deacons] collab orate with the bishop and the priests in the exercise of a ministry which is not of their wisdom but of the Word of God, calling all to conversion and holiness.” 88 87. Deacons are obliged to submit to their local ordinary for permission to publish any written materials concerning faith and morals. 89 The per mission of the local ordinary is required before writings are submitted to newspapers, magazines, or periodicals. 90 Deacons are required to adhere to the norms established by the USCCB when participating in radio or television broadcasts and must adhere to diocesan policies when participating in public media and in discourse on the Internet. 91

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