National Directory



OFM Conv, Bishop Arturo Cepeda, Bishop Thomas Daly, Bishop Curtis Guillory, Bishop John Noonan, and Bishop Daniel Thomas. Consultants to CCLV from 2013 to 2016 were Msgr. Richard Henning, Msgr. Christopher Schreck, Sr. Rose McDermott, SSJ, Deacon Gerald DuPont, and Mrs. Rosemary Sullivan. The members of CCLV from 2016 to 2019 were Cardinal Joseph W.Tobin, CSsR (chairman), Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Archbishop Charles Thompson, Archbishop John Wester, Bishop Earl Boyea, Bishop Arturo Cepeda, Bishop James Checchio, Bishop Thomas Daly, and Bishop Michael Olson. Consultants to CCLV from 2016 to 2019 were Msgr. Roberto Garza, Fr. Cletus Kiley, Deacon Raphael Duplechain, Sr. Sharon Euart, RSM, and Mrs. Rosemary Sullivan. Members of the National Directory , Second Edition, working group were Archbishop Samuel Aquila (chairman), Archbishop Alexander K. Sample, Bishop Michael Sis, Bishop Alberto Rojas, Fr. Shawn McKnight, Deacon Justin Green, Deacon Gerald DuPont, Deacon James Keating, and Msgr. Christopher Schreck (writer). Contributing as well were the National Association of Diaconate Directors (Deacon Thomas Dubois, Executive Director) and the Catholic Association of Teachers of Homiletics (Dr. Susan McGurgan, President). Members of the CCLV Committee from 2019-2020 were Bishop James Checchio (Chairman), Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Archbishop Charles Thompson, Bishop Juan Miguel Betancourt, Bishop Earl Boyea, Bishop Ronald Hicks, Bishop David Malloy, and Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg. Consultants to the CCLV Committee from 2019 2020 were Sr. Sharon Euart, RSM, Rev.Timothy Kesicki, SJ, Rev. Msgr.Todd Lajiness, and Mrs. Rosemary Sullivan. 47 BNFPD and DMLPD, joint declaration; see BNFPD, nos. 14, 17. 48 “Hispanics account for 71 percent of the growth of the Catholic population in the United States since 1960. Approximately 60 percent of all Catholics younger than 18 are Hispanic. The fastest-growing group in the church in this country is Asian Catholics. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics from Africa and the Caribbean have made the U.S. their home.” Hosffman Ospino, “Keynote at Convocation of Catholic Leaders,” July 2, 2017, in Origins 47:11: 164. 49 BNFPD, nos. 2, 14. 50 BNFPD, no. 90.

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