National Directory



Assembly meeting in June 2019. Later that summer it was submitted to the Congregation for the Clergy for recognitio . In November of 2019 Most Rev. James Checchio became CCLV chairman following his 2018 election. Under his chairmanship the CCLV Committee revised the document based on recommendations received from the Congregation for the Clergy in 2020. The Congregation for the Clergy granted the recognitio of the National Directory , 2nd edition, in November of 2020. V. The Objective and Interpretation of This National Directory 15. This National Directory is prescribed for the use of the diocesan bishop, as well as those responsible for its implementation. The specifications prescribed in this National Directory are to be incorporated by each diocese of the conference when preparing or updating its respective diaconal formation program and when formulating policies for the ministry and life of its deacons. 47 At the same time, diocesan bishops may make pastoral accommodations in the recruitment, education, and ongoing formation of permanent deacons, particularly those from, or called to serve, underserved ethnic or cultural communities. 48 16. This National Directory is normative throughout the dioceses of the USCCB as well as within the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. Reflecting fifty years of experience with the reestablished diacon ate in the United States of America, this National Directory will guide and harmonize the formation programs drawn up by each diocese of the conference, which “at times vary greatly from one to another.” 49 17. When a diaconal formation program is introduced or substantially modified , or a program previously on hold is reactivated, the diocesan bishop is encouraged to submit a proposal to CCLV for its evaluation. The specific elements to be included in the proposal and applied by the committee in its review are available from the CCLV’s secretariat.

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