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withdrawal of faculties, 107 lectio divina , 69, 201, ch2note28 lector and acolyte, ministries of certificate of institution, 247 interval between institution of acolyte and ordination to diaconate, 244a., 248, ch6norm21 Rite of Institution of Acolytes, 246-247 Rite of Institution of Lectors, 246-247 scrutinies and documentation, 241–245, ch6norm19 letters of appointment, 46, 98–99, ch2norm15, ch2norm16 liability for actions taken by deacon, 108, ch2norm21 life and ministry. See ministry and life. Liturgy, ministry of candidate stage, practica, ch6norm13 candidate stage, study of liturgy, 133h., ch6norm12

deacon role, 33, 35–37, 88-89 intellectual formation, 133h. pastoral dimension, 139 Liturgy of the Hours director of spiritual formation, 286

formation, 121a., 201a., 226d., ch6norm4 ministry and life, 69, 95, ch2norm13, 259d. Lumen Gentium ( Dogmatic Constitution of the Church ), 3, 21

married aspirants, candidates, deacons, 72–74. See also families of aspirants, candidates, deacons; wives of aspirants, candidates, deacons aspirant stage, 198

candidate stage, 221, 236 celibacy affecting, 78, 248 divorce, 82, 150, ch3note62

in formation, 148–152 irregular marriages, 150 length of time married prior to requesting admittance, 149 as living example of fidelity and indissolubility in marriage, 73–74 marital history examination, 150 mixed or non-sacramental marriages, 178, ch2note64

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