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Index Locators in this index generally refer to paragraph numbers. Notes are indicated by the number/name of the chapter, a lowercased “note,” and the note number (preface note 6; ch1note42). Norms are identified by the chapter they follow, and the norm number (ch2norm12). accountability, 124 acolytes. See lector and acolyte, ministries of Ad Gentes ( Decree on the Missionary Activity of the Church ), 3 Ad Pascendum , 4

administrative assignments, 50 admission/selection procedures aspirants, 182–189, ch4norm2 committee on admission, 297 Rite of Candidacy, 210–212, ch5norm8-9, ch5norm10 advisory structures aspirant and candidate stages, 294–297

post-ordination stage, 303–304 age at ordination, 92, ch2norm10 Amoris Laetitia , 145 Apostolicam Actuositatem , 115, ch3note4 applications

admission/selection procedures, 182–189, ch4norm2-5 impediments to ordination, 184, ch4norm3, ch4note8 psychological consultation 185 required documents, ch4note14, 186, ch4norm4, ch4note12 art of accompaniment, 177, ch4note5 asceticism, 123 aspirant stage, 190–212 admission, 188–189 advisory structures, 294–297 directors, 191–195 discernment of readiness, 187 duration, 193, ch5norm3

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