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from among priests and deacons by the director of formation.They also are approved and appointed by the diocesan bishop. Mentors are charged with closely following the formation of those committed to their care, offering support and encouragement. (293) 8. If a distance-learning model is incorporated into the diocesan for mation program, it is the responsibility of the diocesan bishop to verify that the course of study offered fulfills the requirements of this Directory . It must be complete, be in harmony with magisterial teaching, and be taught by a competent instructor. (275-278) 9. The diocesan bishop should appoint a Director of the Permanent Diaconate, who should be either a priest or a deacon. At the dis cretion of the diocesan bishop, the Director of the Permanent Diaconate serves as the diocesan bishop’s representative in direct ing the post-ordination stage of formation and assists the diocesan bishop in supervising diocesan deacons. This director also coordi nates the program for the newly ordained deacons. (43, 299-302) 1 PDG (1984), no. 52. 2 Some of the specific responsibilities would include the following: Collaboration i. Involvement of and accountability to the diocesan bishop ii. Relationship with diocesan offices, departments, and agencies; linkage with other ministry preparation programs in the diocese iii. Liaison with pastors, priests, religious, and laity iv. Relationship with regional and national diaconate associations and organizations Planning i. Appointment, readiness, and supervision of appropriate personnel to carry out the diaconal formation plan/activities i. Development of policies and procedures for recruitment, screening, and admissions ii. Development of policies and procedures for evaluation of those in formation iii. Development of the program, taking account of concrete needs and local circumstances Post-Ordination Activities i. Development of policies and procedures for diocesan diaconal life ii. Support structures for deacons, deacon spouses, and families iii. Policies/procedures for assignment and review of deacons iv. Continuing formation and spiritual formation policies and program opportunities v. Regular assessment of diaconal ministry in the diocese ii. Initial and ongoing catechesis of the diaconate iii. Integrate diaconal ministry into the local Church Policy Development

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