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groups in the diocese. Members may be nominated by the director of formation and be approved and appointed by the diocesan bishop.The director of formation serves as an ex officio , non-voting member of any advisory structure. 295. Advisory structures for the aspirant and candidate stages of formation include the formation policy board and the committee on admission, discussed below. 296. The diocesan bishop may constitute a formation policy board to assist him and the director of formation in matters of formation. The function of this board is to advise on the planning, implemen tation, and evaluation of the formation program. Practical skills and experience in curriculum development, formation work, dis cernment and supervision, spiritual direction, counseling, finances, planning, and organizational development are some of the essential criteria in selecting appropriate board members. The board might also be set up in such a way that not all the members’ specific terms of service conclude together, allowing for continuity in the board’s deliberations.The membership and procedures of the board should be determined in accordance with its statutes, as approved by the diocesan bishop. 297. The diocesan bishop is to establish a committee on admission, unless another such structure exists. The formation policy board might include this responsibility among its tasks. The committee on admis sion could, therefore, be constituted as a subcommittee of the forma tion policy board with its members selected from the board. The spe cific responsibilities of this committee are to review and recommend Formation Policy Board Committee on Admission

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