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deacons, and professional lay employees in preparation for eventual placements on the diaconal formation staff should be anticipated and scheduled as far in advance as possible. V. Aspirant and Candidate Formation Personnel 283. For the administration of the aspirant and candidate stages in diacon ate formation, the following personnel have a special responsibility. 284. The director of formation, who must be a priest or a deacon, 9 is appoint ed by the diocesan bishop to be head of the deacon formation pro gram. He reports directly to the Director of the Permanent Diaconate and should have regular communication with him.The director of for mation exercises delegated responsibility for both aspirant and candi date formation. However, the number of participants in either stage may require the additional appointment of an associate. The director of formation oversees the implementation of the formation program. He conducts regularly scheduled assessments; makes home and parish visitations; supervises the formation team, faculty, and mentors; and maintains contact with the aspirants’ and candidates’ pastors. 285. The director must be familiar with the diaconate—its history, theology, and practice. He should have parish experience, as well as practical skills and experience in formation, curriculum development, adult educational methodology, vocational discernment, supervision, and administration. He must be capable of providing spiritual leadership to the formation community. In most dioceses, the director of formation fulfills several administrative functions, except the spiritual direction of aspirants and candidates. 10 Director of Formation

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