National Directory

Chapter Eight Organization, Structure, and Personnel for Diaconal Formation I. Organization

Diocesan Plan for Diaconal Ministry

270. THE REESTABLISHMENT OR RENEWAL of diaconal ministry within a diocesan Church is best conceived and established within an overall diocesan plan for ministry in which the diaconate is seen as an integral component in addressing pastoral needs. In this way, deacons, who are ordained for service to the diocesan Church, will have a richer and firmer sense of their identity and purpose, as will those who col laborate in ministry with them. 271. Primary resources to guide a diocese in its discernment and readiness for the reestablishment or renewal of the diaconate are the Code of Canon Law and other documents of the Holy See, such as the Basic Norms for the Formation of Permanent Deacons and Directory for the Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons , in addition to this National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States .These resources establish norms and directives that each diocese is to follow in the formation, ministry, and life of their deacons. Those responsible for the planning and implementation of the diaco nal program should be thoroughly familiar with the intent and content of these documents. Resources for Organization

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