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necessary to provide more specific programming designed to address his personal needs, talents, and ministry. Initially, however, consider ation should be given to deepening his understanding and skills in the ministries of the word, liturgy, and charity.

Program for the Newly Ordained: First Five Years of Diaconate Ministry

263. There are particular matters relevant to the newly ordained. It is important, therefore, that the newly ordained begin their ministry in a positive and supportive manner. A program is to be planned for the first five years of their ministry and coordinated by the Director of the Permanent Diaconate. In the early phase of their ministry, ongoing formation will largely reinforce the basic training and its application in ministerial practice. Later formation will entail a more in-depth study of the various components proposed in the dimensions in diaconal formation. Consideration also should be given to the newly ordained deacon’s conversational study of a second language used within the diocese and the study of its cultural environment. Deacons, as minis ters of Christ the Servant, should be prepared to link people of diverse languages and cultures into the local faith community of the dio cese and parish. Deacons in their initial pastoral assignments should be carefully supervised by an exemplary designated pastor or priest supervisor especially appointed to this task by the diocesan bishop. 25 264. Those deacons who are recently widowed face unique challenges in their new life situation. In addition to providing support through the grieving process, the diocesan bishop should, at an appropriate time, ensure the deacon is provided with formation to help him understand the implica tions of the lifelong celibate state that is now his own. 26 The widowed deacon will also benefit from resources for healthy celibate living, such as spiritual reading on celibacy, a support group with other celibate Program for the Newly Widowed Deacon

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