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celibate chastity; his understanding and willingness, if married, to embrace the magisterial teaching on marriage and sexuality, as well as its ecclesiastical discipline in widowhood; and his understanding of the rights and obligations of a cleric and his capacity to fulfill these responsibilities. h. The committee interviews the wife of a married candidate to ascer tain her willingness to support his petition and to live as the wife of a deacon. i. The canonical banns are published within a sufficiently extended period of time in advance of ordination in the parishes where the candidate has had an extended residence or presence in his forma tion ministries. 40 j. The candidate provides a recent photograph and biographical infor mation for use in the publicizing of his ordination. k. Other documentation is provided, as requested by the committee. 41 245. A collegial session of the committee on admission is to be scheduled for these assessments. 42 Having consulted the committee, the diocesan bishop will select those to be admitted to each specific ministry and those to be called to ordination. 246. It is appropriate for a retreat or a day for reflection to precede the recep tion of the specific ministry.Whenever possible, this should be provided in the language with which the candidate is most comfortable. It will usually be helpful to wives to participate in the retreat, although during portions of the retreat it will usually be helpful to provide the opportunity for sep arate treatment of the respective roles of each in the vocation of the hus band to the diaconate.The conferral of the ministry should be celebrated on a Sunday or feast day, according to the rite of the Roman Pontifical . These rites are public celebrations with ecclesial significance. 43 Special attention should be given to the participation of the wives and children Rite of Institution into the Ministry of Lector and Ministry of Acolyte

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