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in every way possible.” 34 The diocesan bishop will select those to be ordained to the diaconate and will set the date and other specifications for the ordination. It is assumed that the diocesan bishop will do this in consultation with the ordinand and his family. 244. Required documentation and procedures for ordination to the diacon ate include the following (these are to be followed when petitioning for ordination to the diaconate): a. Before petitioning for ordination, the candidate keeps in mind that there must be an interval of at least six months between the con ferring of the ministry of acolyte and ordination to the diaconate. 35 b. The candidate submits a written request to be admitted to the Order of Deacons. This request must be composed by the candi date personally and written in his own hand; it “may not be copied formulary, or worse, a photocopied text.” 36 The candidate’s hand written request must attest “that he will receive the sacred order of his own accord and freely will devote himself perpetually to the ecclesiastical ministry.” 37 c. The candidate’s wife writes and signs a statement in which she declares her consent to the ordination petition of her husband and makes clear her own understanding of the meaning of diaconal ministry. 38 d. The director of formation prepares a personal report, which should be detailed, making use of the model proposed in the Circular Letter, and which should include the annual vocational assessment report. 39 e. The director, in compliance with the Code of Canon Law , canons 1032 and 1050 1°, must present a certificate verifying the candi date’s completion of all required studies. f. The candidate’s proper pastor is consulted, and he writes a letter of recommendation. g. The committee on admission interviews the candidate to ascer tain his knowledge of the Order of Deacons to be received and its obligations and rights; his understanding and willingness, if single or widowed, to accept the Church’s discipline regarding perpetual

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