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addressing the status of his wife’s readiness. Each year, the number of affirmative and negative votes of the formation team regarding the continuance or separation of the candidate from formation is to be recorded. If there are abstentions, they are to be explained. 28 The dioc esan bishop expects the objective and critical judgment of those who collaborate with him in formation. This report should reflect a clear consensus among those who have been involved with the candidate’s training and formation. The written report is to be maintained in the candidate’s personal file, where accumulated reports can be compared to ascertain patterns of growth or regression, as well as new areas for affirmation or concern. 237. The director of formation must transmit this report verbally to the candidate. It should be made available to the candidate’s spiritual director, whose “task is that of discerning the workings of the Spirit in the soul of those called and, at that same time, of accompanying and supporting their ongoing conversion.” 29 It may be helpful to share the report with the candidate’s proper pastor, if he did not participate in the formal review. Finally, the director of formation also will share this report with the committee on admission, especially in its deliber ations regarding admittance to the ministries of lector and acolyte and regarding ordination to the diaconate. 238. If a candidate does not possess the necessary human, spiritual, intel lectual, or pastoral qualities that will allow him to minister as a deacon in a collaborative and effective way, it is only just to the individual and to the Church to communicate this to him as early as possible and in a constructive manner. Sometimes the evaluation consensus clearly indicates termination of formation or a refusal of recommendation for advancement to ministries or ordination. Candidates who lack positive qualities for continuing in the formation process should not nourish false hopes and illusions that could damage themselves and their fam ilies, their peers, or the Church. Therefore, with the approval of the

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