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pastoral practice can be simulated, whether through case study, role playing, or some form of pastoral problem solving. Although not empowered by the sense of immediacy or by connection to a real inci dent, such simulations can be designed to explore any number of com petencies in a structured and progressive program. 232. To enable assessment of the candidate’s intellectual formation, tradi tional examinations or academic papers are necessary, as prescribed by the Basic Norms for the Formation of Permanent Deacons of the Congregation for Catholic Education. Plagiarism is to be explained and diligently confronted. 233. A sense of partnership can be fostered by allowing the candidate to present a portfolio of his accomplishments, to design a variety of ways in which he may demonstrate his readiness, or to engage in a collabo rative study venture with those charged with his formation. 234. A comprehensive and integrative seminar, such as those used in pro fessional education, is recommended as a model to determine the level of assimilation and achievement of the candidate at the completion of his theological course of study.This model fulfills the requirement of a comprehensive review as required by the Basic Norms for the Formation of Permanent Deacons . 23 The faculty facilitators of the seminar eval uate how effectively the individual candidate is “able to explain his faith and bring to maturity a lively ecclesial conscience,” 24 how he has acquired “the capacity to read a situation and an adequate incultur ation of the Gospel,” 25 and how successfully he has used “communi cation techniques and group dynamics, the ability to speak in public, and [the ability] to give guidance and counsel.” 26 In such seminars, typically centered on case studies of a pastoral nature, the candidate has an opportunity to explore pastoral solutions in the presence of his peers, formation faculty, and pastoral supervisors. In the seminar, he is called upon to demonstrate not only an intellectual understanding

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