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nomination to the diocesan bishop for ordination to the diaconate. It is essential that those responsible for the formation of candidates receive training to fulfill their responsibilities.The following descriptions high light specific components to be emphasized.

Human Dimension

224. The aim of the human dimension of the candidate stage of formation is to continue to build on the human qualities already discerned during the aspirancy period (see paragraphs 197 and 198 above), develop ing them and adding skills necessary for an effective and responsible diaconal ministry. Emphasis is to be placed upon his relational and col laborative qualities and skills, especially his strengths and limitations in this regard. During the candidate stage, the candidate also acknowl edges his giftedness and develops the habit of authentic self-criticism in light of the Gospel. He must learn how to integrate his personal, familial, work, and ministerial responsibilities. 225. One of the primary objectives of the spiritual dimension of the candi date stage of formation is “to assist the candidate in achieving a spiritual integration” of his life, family, work, and apostolic service. The spiri tual goal is to help the candidate to increase in holiness by “equipping and motivating” him to lay a foundation upon which he may “continue [his] spiritual growth after ordination.” Throughout his formation, the candidate is “to secure the assistance of a . . . [spiritual director], to cul tivate regular patterns of prayer and sacramental participation, and . . . to reflect spiritually on [his] ministry.” 15 As a complement to individual spiritual direction, it would also be useful for small groups of candi dates to engage together in theological reflection “on the challenges and opportunities of their ministries” in relationship to the Gospel and mag isterial teaching. 16 Further, throughout the formation process, it is expe dient that the candidate’s spiritual director and those responsible for Spiritual Dimension

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