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199. The aspirant stage of formation must create an environment in which the individual is encouraged to grow in his personal relationship with Christ and in his commitment to the Church and its mission in the world. The goal of spiritual formation is “putting on the mind of Christ,” thereby establishing and nurturing attitudes, habits, and prac tices that provide a foundation for the development of an authentic and ongoing spiritual life. 200. Although it is clearly understood that the wife of the married aspirant is not seeking ordination, nevertheless, their marriage and family are involved in the discernment of his diaconal vocation.The aspirant and his wife need to realistically assess how her own life, church service, and family are affected and respected.The enrichment and deepening of the reciprocal and sacrificial love between husband and wife consti tute perhaps the most meaningful way in which the wife of the aspirant is involved in the discernment of her husband’s vocation. 12 201. The aspirant formation community plays a significant role in spiritual formation. The aspirant stage should include the following: a. Regular participation in the Eucharist which goes beyond the ful fillment of obligations, Liturgy of the Hours, and the Sacrament of Penance 13 b. Time scheduled for private prayer, meditation, and lectio divina c. Devotions to the Virgin Mary and saints d. Conferences and workshops on the meaning of authentic obedi ence, celibacy, and simplicity of life e. Conferences on a Christian witness in both matrimonial and celi bate life to the Church and world f. An understanding and appreciation of the diaconal vocation, with an ability to articulate this call through the primary ministries of word, liturgy, and charity

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