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Church, and his ability to fulfill the requirements of aspirant formation, if accepted. “It is necessary that this request be composed by the candidate personally and written out in his own hand and may not be a copied formulary, or worse, a photocopied text (see CIC, c. 1034 §1).” CL, enclosure II, no. 1. 15 CL, enclosure I, no. 5. 16 See note 14 in this chapter. This letter also should indicate her willingness to participate in the formation program as appropriate. 17 CL, enclosure I, 11. Letters should be requested from priests, deacons, parishioners,

and colleagues. 18 CL, nos. 3, 4. 19 CL, no. 10. 20 CL, no. 4. See no. 8. 21 See CIC, c. 265.

22 The contact with the employer provides a way to inform him or her of the applicant’s possible participation in a program of education that may require occasional time alterations in his work schedule. 23 BNFPD, nos. 40, 45.

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