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anthropology and Catholic teaching, particularly with respect to the theology of the diaconal vocation, the various states of life of the dea con, and the basic human qualities expected of a mature deacon.They also should obtain any pertinent and helpful information received in the admission process regarding the applicant. Care also must be taken in the selection of psychological consultants who will be assigned to applicants whose primary language is not English. A marriage indi cator may be included for married applicants. Results from the cho sen indicator should be reviewed by admissions personnel prior to any admissions decision. 186. Required application documents include the following: a. A church certificate of Baptism, Confirmation, and, if relevant, Matrimony, issued within the preceding six months 12 b. Proof of age (in accord with canon law, 13 the USCCB has estab lished the minimum age of ordination at thirty-five years) c. A completed application form and, as appropriate, a consent form regarding psychological consultation and the confidentiality of con sultative reports 14 d. A recent photograph of the nominee 15 and, if married, of his wife, for administrative and faculty identification e. A personal handwritten statement from the wife of a married appli cant indicating her initial consent for his application and entrance into aspirant formation 16 f. Letters of recommendation 17 g. Results from a recent physical examination to ensure that applicants possess the good health necessary for diaconal formation and min istry (this exam should include HIV and drug testing) h. An official transcript of past or present academic studies 18 i. “A written report of the rector of any previous house in which the candidate has spent time in formation,” 19 including “explicit refer ence to the evaluations of the candidate and the votes he received” 20 j. A written report from the director of any previous diaconal formation Required Application Documents

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